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since October 7th last year, the European Union officially began to impose a 16.5% anti-dumping duty on China's exports of leather shoes. Since then, the export of shoes and boots industry has been shrouded in clouds. But shoes and footwear export enterprises to withstand pressure, export volume is still growing. Dongguan customs latest statistics show that in the first half of this year, Guangdong exported 1 billion 940 million pairs of shoes and boots, representing an increase of 24.1% over the same period last year (the same below), an increase of 18.9 percentage points; value of 4 billion 540 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 16.9%. For this increase, Africa, ASEAN and other emerging market development can not be done. But in the first half of a substantial increase in exports, the average export price fell by 8%, reflecting the Guangdong export shoes grade and low value-added situation has not improved. although export footwear is still mainly sold in the United States, the European Union, but in Africa, the strong growth momentum of asean. The 600 million pairs of footwear exports to the United States, a slight increase of 0.8%, accounting for 30.9% of total exports. Pairs of EU exports of shoes, boots 190 million pairs, an increase of 29.3%. But exports to Africa have doubled over the same period last year, with more than half of ASEAN's exports. r jordans on sale mens ebate before will be exported Since officially began on China's exports of leather shoes to levy 16.5% anti-dumping duty since October 7th last year, the European Union, the footwear export enterprises have suffered great pressure, but the first half of the year is still to achieve export volume growth, customs analysts believe that this shows that in recent years vigorously expand in emerging markets show the effect of. In recent years, besides the cultivation of the traditional market, Guangdong shoe enterprises are also committed to opening up new markets in Africa, ASEAN and other countries, and the market share is increasing day by day. The first half of this year's exports to Africa and ASEAN, although the proportion of total exports in Guangdong shoes and boots export is not high, but trade growth has greatly exceeded the average level. The emerging market is playing more and more important role in the foreign trade of Guangdong shoes and boots. ) implementation of the EU originating in the Chinese leather shoes levy 16.5% anti-dumping duty, will expire on October 7th, the footwear industry in Italy the European Commission has submitted a final review of the application requirements, to extend the collection of China shoes anti-dumping duties. The Guangdong shoe company, the biggest hit by the lawsuit, is preparing to respond. "The importance of the Cheap air jordans for sale European Union is self-evident as the largest export market in China," Cheng Yongru, director of the two export division of the Fair Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce of the , told an interview with the first financial daily yesterday. The implementation of EU anti-dumping duties for nearly two years, China footwear industry has undergone transformation and upgrading and adjusting the process of reshuffling in the background of the global inflation and financial instability, the Doha Round negotiations frustrated under the current situation and that two years ago, the two sides should have a clear understanding of this. Facing the upcoming review, shoes enterprises should actively respond to the lawsuit, on the other hand should also exercise good internal skills, enhance competitiveness. "of the EU's footwear products anti-dumping union secretary general, Guangdong Wanbang shoe company spokesman Guo Weiwen said in an interview, is working with lawyers to discuss how to deal with, also denied that Guangdong shoe enterprises responding to the enthusiasm more than two years ago. Guo Weiwen, a spokesman for WAN Footwear Company, said in an interview with reporters that he was discussing how to deal with lawyers, while denying that Guangdong shoe enterprises were more enthusiastic than they were two years ago. in the first half of this year, due to the continued appre jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ciation of the yuan, rising labor costs and the global economic downturn and other multiple factors, Guangdong footwear exports 1 billion 630 million pairs, compared with the same period last year (the same below) decreased by 15.8%. Guangdong footwear export enterprises also significantly reduced, the export performance of enterprises from the same period last year fell to 5811 in the first half of this year 3924, of which the PRD footwear export enterprises fell more obvious, from the same period last year fell to 5043 in the first half of the year 2617, a decrease of 2426, a decline of up to 48.1%. Exports of footwear products 1 billion 630 million pairs, compared with the same period last year (the same below) fell 15.8%. Guangdong footwear export enterprises also significantly reduced, the export performance of enterprises from the same period last year fell to 5811 in the first half of this year 3924, of which the PRD footwear export enterprises fell more obvious, from the same period last year fell to 5043 in the first half of the year 2617, a decrease of 2426, a decline of up to 48.1%. Guo Weiwen said, now the main problem is the review process, and two years ago, the respondent is different, the enterprise is not quite sure how to do, is through the government departments and related lawyers understand the situation. The EU's footwear products anti-dumping lawsuit C Cheap jordans online hinese lawyer Yu Shengxing said in an interview with this reporter, the current EU trade protectionism trend is more and more obvious, the termination of the possibility of levying Chinese shoes anti-dumping duties is not exactly extended for two years and three years or five years may exist. In many uncertain factors, need more Chinese shoe anti-dumping from now argue, the due date is very close, companies need good information to prepare in advance. Before the China shoe enterprises Baotuan actively responding, which makes the European Commission in 20)The has landed NikeStore official website, buy links: item: 649688-002last year to dazzle the world out of the Nike Air Blazer ACG Mid to help catch up with NIKE basketball shoes, winter wind wave, with more solid and thick steel meet the challenge ice cold. 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