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Guangdong Provincial Bureau of industry and Commerce announced the results of the two quarter footwear quality inspection yesterday. Random inspection shows that the quality of all kinds of footwear goods is better, the passing rate is 94.6%, but the footwear logo is confused, resulting in low rate of footwear acceptance, of which the passing rate of leather shoes is only 14.5%. the sample marked up to 98 batches of goods unqualified. As in Dongguan city of China World Trade Center Houjie branch Yingfeng supermarket checks "Fu Lu? Remy Martin" brand leather casual shoes industry male Hawley, the name and address of chaos, a shoe factory called Fu Lu shoes, the site for the Jincheng Street of Guangzhou City Industrial Road No. 63, another was marked Ouhai Panqiao Wenzhou Huachen shoe factory the site of Wenzhou City Ouhai, pan Qiaoxian Gate Road No. 12. In the product name, the upper material is cowhide, the material is artificial leather, and the consumer behavior is deceived. (Editor: admin) "although the average cost of labor in Vietnam is only 3/5 of that in China, but with all the factors, I think it is still the strongest in China."." Hua Jian Group Chairman Zhang Huarong said. transfer production to the cheap jordans mainland in response to the EU and other places anti-dumping on Chinese shoes, as well as international buyers of suppliers to disperse production risk requirements, Huajian group chose to set up factories in vietnam. A few years later, Hua Jian Vietnam production base is still only two production lines, seventy thousand or eighty thousand pairs of monthly shoes. , Zhang Huarong said, "the Vietnamese footwear industry is much better than the Pearl River Delta. Many raw materials need to be supplied from ", and" nofollow ". In addition, the production efficiency is relatively slow, skilled workers as Chinese, management is sent from the past China here, and familiar with the local laws and regulations in the process also requires a certain amount of manpower cost. From the comprehensive cost assessment, to Vietnam's production costs have not decreased, has been insisting on, mainly in order to avoid trade friction. at the same time, Hua Jian group to Jiangxi, Ganzhou investment production base has been rapid development. Aware of the cost of production in Dongguan and gradually raise, and may face a shortage of labor, land shortage and other issues, has invested heavily in the construction of the Ganzhou Huajian cheap air jordans online international shoe Zhang Huarong to Jiangxi in January 2002. At present, Ganzhou's production capacity is approaching the production capacity in Guangdong, Dongguan. The two production bases of Huajian group have more than 10 thousand employees each year, and Ganzhou has an annual output of 8 million pairs of shoes, while Dongguan has an annual output of 10 million pairs of shoes. "the labor cost in Ganzhou is over 10% lower than in Dongguan, and, more importantly, the workers here are relatively stable.". Over the past few years, we have gradually improved the shoe-making facilities in Ganzhou, and now there are still some raw materials or accessories supplied from Guangdong. As the logistics of Guangdong developed, in ", the production of shoes products are mainly shipped to Guangdong, export overseas." Zhang Huarong says. Zhang Huarong reflected, using the advantages of low production cost in Ganzhou, Huajian group is promoting industrial gradient transfer, a large amount of low-priced shoes will be transferred to Jiangxi, and a small amount of difficulty, high value-added high-end shoes in Dongguan, processing, future Huajian group will accelerate the development of strategy. As early as possible to adjust the prod Cheap air jordans for sale uction layout, Hua Jian Group has initially tasted the sweetness of the new deal last year, the introduction of a smaller impact on the new deal. Although has been doing well in the process, Zhang Huarong is increasingly in crisis. He has worked hard from manufacturing to the development of high profit research and development, brand design and sales in the industry chain. Recently, he)Nike released a new color and trend Air Current 2013-12-08 22:14:00 Air Current engraved new work finally unveiled, shared with Air Flow outsole Nike Air Current year are classic running shoes. Today, as the still very popular retro shoes, once again we return to our line of sight. The new version with Lycra for the material, the black cloth with a fluorescent color mix is ??a combination of classical and pop for. The Series Air Current in July appeared, like the retro running shoes a friend, please pay attention. & nbsp;New Balance was founded in 1906 in Boston, the earliest is a special arch support for a company. Until 1927, the company began to tailor-made for customers in sports shoes, design and manufacture of running shoes, basketball shoes, tennis shoes and boxing shoes. So the development of half a century after, brand in 1960 is air jordan 11 space jam for sale sued the world's first dual with a variety of width of running shoes Trackster, stop production arch support and correctional shoe, and concentrate on the development of sports shoes. New Balance100 years of shoe-making history development and precipitation to the brand philosophy: "believe in the eternal classic, persistent to create products that will withstand the test of time." Today in the [daily shoes] in bring is a time tested classic shoes - New Balance 580. New balance m580 was born in 1992, designed for trail running shoes and design. The sole is equipped with a Rollbar made of carbon fiber material, can prevent heel muscle rotation, a fixed role to the foot, and this trait the in the future fame. But the M580 in appearance and later MT580 and MRT580 are very different. Balance 580New1995 years, the birth of a Balance New 585, for later we see the MT580, 585 of the significance is very large. In 1996, m580 on the basis of the 585 completed luxuriant metamorphosis, the birth of new MT580 (men 's trail running) and the beginning of the design is still trail running shoes, uppers cut pieces and car line style, and let the shoe body lines tough a bit more sense of fluency, belong to the rigid flexible and economic typ jordan shoes online sale e shoes. Balance 585NewNew Balance MT580 and that really makes a new balance 580 to the streets and began the legend of a lifetime opportunity, in the 2000 years in case of Japanese veteran Mita sneaker and streets of the popular clothing brand realMad HECTIC, and fashion shoes MT580 crossover ancestor of birth, opened a new era of street fashion and sports brand cooperates together. Recently held in Shanghai new balance 580 ancient shoes exhibition, to all show a total of 20 generation 37 pairs of tripartite joint superior for. in addition to the above mentioned two joint party, MT580 early in 2006 and with American street brand stussy, undefeated and realMad HECTIC cooperation launched joint series triple treat, which is of concern for more and more people MT580 another reason, and the tetragonal joint also let 〉 last weekend, the renowned Swiss fashion watch brand swatch swatch with a relaxed and interesting fashion party as a prelude to the life of the trend this summer, for the first time with the launch of swatch the eyes swatch sun glasses. 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